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Strategic Bookkeeping

Consult Length: 1 Hour

Ongoing support rates starting at $325 per month or project based rates starting at $75 per hour


Let us demystify your numbers for you so you can get back to focusing on your craft!

Great for any small business owner at any phase of their business: start-up, high growth, maturity, and decline. Outsourced bookkeeping support can free up you time to focus on other parts of your business. While also getting more understanding of the financial data in your buiness.

Available add ons: Banking & proactive cashflow advisory, budgets and pricing advisory, accounts payable, advances reporting and analysis, and more!

Included Monthly:
  • Typical bookkeeping tasks like transaction categorization, bank reconciling, recipt storage + organization,

  • Profit & Loss reports with trends and recommendations

  • Owners draw report

  • Monthly business analysis & basic performance report

  • Financial question support

Included Quarterly
  • Virtual checkin to go over quarterly business analysis and any other needs

  • Quarterly tax payment advisory

Included Yearly:
  • We will communicate with your CPA for tax filing

  • End of year business analysis with basic forcasting for the next year

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