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Fitness, Wellness & Mental Health Service Providers

Beauty, Tattoo & Medical Spa Service Providers

Coaches & Consultants

Your Pain Points, Our Solutions:

At The Profit Witch, we specialize in elevating businesses within the fitness, wellness, beauty, and coaching industries, as well as consulting sectors. If you're a small business owner navigating the complexities of financial management, you're in the right place.


Financial Management Challenges:

Overcome cash flow confusion and budgeting blues with our expert guidance.


Client Billing and Cost Control:

Streamline your billing and control costs effectively.


Payroll and Tax Compliance:

Simplify payroll and stay ahead of tax laws with our comprehensive support.


Business Systems Utilization:

Maximize your tech potential with tailored software integration.


Decision-Making Support:

Empower your financial and operational decisions with our professional advice.


Bookkeeping and Business Advisory:

Get precise financial reporting and strategic growth advice.


Effective Communication:

Stay updated and informed through our secure client portal.


Budget-Friendly Outsourcing:

Invest in services with clear ROI within your budget.


Long-Term Business Goals Support:

Expand, diversify, and scale efficiently with our help.


Work-Life Balance:

Achieve harmony between business success and personal well being.

Our Empowering Services


Comprehensive Bookkeeping Package

Services: Detailed financial recording, reconciliation, monthly statements, and more.

Special Features: Secure client portal, customizable service levels, cloud-based solutions.

Pricing: From $250/month.

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Payroll Service Using Gusto Payroll Software

Core Services: Complete payroll management and tax compliance.

Special Features: Automated processing, employee self-service portal, integration with accounting software.

Pricing: From $250/month.


Budgeting & Price Setting Service

Core Services: Custom budget creation, pricing strategy development.

Pricing: From $200/month.


Client Billing & Cost Control Solutions

Core Services: Billing system optimization, cost reduction strategies.

Pricing: Starting at $250/month.


Work-Life Balance and Time Management Coaching

Core Services: Personalized coaching and workshops.

Pricing: Individual sessions at $150/hour.


Smart Inventory Management Solutions

Core Services: Inventory analysis, custom system setup, supplier management.

Pricing: Initial analysis from $300.

Why Chose The Profit Witch

Empowering and Encouraging Approach: With a touch of humor, we make financial management engaging and memorable.

Tailored Solutions for Service Industries: Designed to address the specific needs of your business.

Transparent Pricing: No surprises, just clear and upfront costs.

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