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Fractional CFO & Revenue Strategy

Turn your side gig into your full time gig!

I teach small business owners how to start, manage and grow their small businesses in a sustainable way! With over 10 years of experience as a solopreneur- I can support you from the 0-6 figure mark!

The Full Story

What kind of services do I provide and how did I get my experience and education?

I help take the stress out of launching, managing, and growing your small business! I have over 10 years of experience as a solopreneur and over 15 years of experience in sales, operations, and analytics. I've learned how to grow a sustainable business the hard way so you don't have to.

My expertise covers various industries including:
-Business to consumer sales
-Business to small business sales
-Home based consulting
-Various service type businesses
-Functional or holistic medical service providers
-Fitness and health service providers (I do not work with MLM business)
-Small manufacturing
-Event planners
-Beauty service providers
-and more!

I provide various services to small businesses & creators. I function as a Cost Accountant and Chief Revenue Officer for small businesses making 0 to 6 figures. I am skilled in the art of juggling all things related to revenue in a way that works 6 months, 1 year, 5 years, and more into the future.

I also provide budget-friendly, self-paced, course options, kits, and support groups (launching soon) so you can learn all of the things you would hire someone like me to do. My goal is to teach you how to start, run and scale your small business on your own while also having support on the sidelines.

Make sure to check the link in my bio for curated resources just for you!

*Note: I work specifically with freelancers looking to build their business or small businesses with no more than 5 employees with no investor funding making 0-6 figures. I don't work with large corporate structure businesses at this time. I focus specifically on Sole Proprietors, LLCs, PLLC's and S-Corps.

*Digital commerce consulting spots will be opening later this year!

Experience (All experience small business specific not corporate)

15+ Years exp - Sales, sales coaching, sales management, and sales analysis 

15+ Years exp - Writing, technical writing, sales copy, various types of copywriting

15+ Years exp - Staff management, development, onboarding, recruiting, and curriculum development

15+ Years exp - Marketing, promo event planning and execution, advertising, and business development

15+ Years exp - Service based and retail product based cost accounting and pricing strategy

15+ Years exp - Operations management, operations development, and organizational strategy

15+ Years exp - Health department regulations, inspections, and consumer safety regulations

4 Years exp - Manufacturing based cost accounting, pricing strategy, and purchasing


Experience with food safety management in manufacturing, food safety program development, third-party food safety audits for on-premise product distribution, state department production food safety inspections, HACCP, good manufacturing practices, wholesale management, wholesale delivery management, distributer development, and more. 

The world of behavioral economics fascinates me. I hope to leverage my cost accounting and operations experience to help the world of business further understand how buyer behavior and staff behavior impact their business costs and pricing once I finish my master's degree. 

Formal Education

SNHU - Masters in Management Accounting - Expected 2024

UVA (Darden) - Specialization in Pricing Strategy Optimization - Expected 2023

U of I (Urbana-Campaign) - Specialization in Managerial Economics and Business Analysis - Expected 2023

SNHU- Bachelors in Accounting concentration in forensic accounting and fraud examination minor in Forensic Psychology - Expected 2023

PCC- Associate Transfer in Web Design and Multimedia (extra coursework in video production) - Issued 2018

Certificates & Extra Coursework

Certified Management Accountant Candidate - Expected 2024

Quickbooks - Pro Advisor - Expected 2023

FSPCA - Preventative Controls For Human Food - Issued 2021

My Story
Certs & Cousework
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