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Get the support you need to your side gig into your full time gig!

I help small business owners just like you get more confidence in how they run and grow their businesses.

The Profit Witch offers multiple convenient options for you to get the help, education, and support you need. Select your business type below to see options created just for you!

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Small business ownership does not have to be lonely and stressful

Join our community of small business owners just like you!

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FREE Guides & Kits

FREE Small Business 
Starter MINI-KIT

Get your business started on the right track with this FREE Mini-Kit!


  • Small Business Startup Checklist

  • Basic Bookkeeping Worksheet

  • Basic Price Setting Worksheet

  • BONUS: Skills To Learn Checklist

FREE Daily Task
Management Guide

Optimize your day, week, and year with this FREE Guide!


  • This ADHD friendly guide is coming soon!

FREE Masterminds
Book Club List

Get our curated list of the best books for small business owners just like you!


  • Coming Soon!

Turning your side hustle into your full time hustle doesn't have to be so hard.

I am here to help guide you in your journey as a small business owner. I've spent over 15 years helping creators just like you build, launch and grow their small business in a sustainable way. I help take the guess work out of things like pricing strategy, operations, sales strategy, product development, and more. 


Self Paced Business Optimization

This is perfect for you if you are just getting started or not sure how to optimize your already established business!

With blog posts, courses, kits, and workbooks we have options for every budget and every schedule! Each item is packed full of practical application knowledge for your small business that you can apply right away. 

VIP Mastermind Groups

This is perfect for you if you are a more established business looking for some support to take your business to the next level.

VIP participants get email access to me for weekly office hours, plus access to exclusive challenges meant to help you grow your business, exclusive blog posts, live workshops, and more! 

What small business owners say-

"Coming soon!"


I'm Taylor Whitney

I've spent my entire career in the small business world. I also grew up in my dad's small business. Helping people start, grow and manage their small businesses is in my blood. 

After spending years working for toxic bosses I decided to start my own company in 2016 and go back to school for management accounting and behavioral economics. 

I leverage my extensive business experience to help both product based and service based small businesses grow sustainably without funding. I specialize in single person owned businesses making 0-6 figures. 

You're a person, not a corporation. Your business advice should fit your specific needs and goals.

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